This smart robot is a playful egg designed to simulate the experience of raising actual pets!

Every time we think of robots it is a scary visual. When we think of pet robots it’s usually a faceless dog. But what if I tell you that this good egg is actually a pet robot? Well, it is a concept but a very realistic one at that. As we advance in the world of robotics, designs like Eggo remind us that not all robots are bad and some can actually be cute like Eggo! Designs like these are essential when teaching children responsibilities before actually giving them a pet. It can also be useful for folks who are in medical or care facilities and can’t support a real pet but would still have a positive experience, connection and keep busy with their Eggo.

Eggo’s mission is simple – to give you a robot pet that is always by your side and provides a positive experience to you. This egg-shaped companion lets you raise a pet online or offline without taking away from the experience. It has a simple design, minimal interface, and an organic shape that invites interaction. Eggo moves autonomously by grasping the terrain through a camera. The smart pet also automatically goes to charge itself when the battery is low and I honestly wish my phone did the same thing. Even though it is a robot, designer Hyunjae Tak made sure to include an emotional side so Eggo can express how it is ‘feeling’ through the LED colors which are extremely important when interacting with children. It uses the inner wheel to move on its own and actually forms a unique personality according to how you take care of it just as you would with a real-life pet!

You don’t have to always be online to interact with or raise Eggo, it retains everything offline as well and that helps you build a realistic connection with the product as a pet as opposed to an ‘online game’ feeling (remember Neopets?). Eggo comes with its own smart app and with the various integrations, you can communicate deeper with it. Eggo is the divine intersection of a pet, a robot, and a gaming avatar whose life story develops as you go.

Designer: Hyunjae Tak