Xiaomi’s portable water dispenser can instantly heat up your water for a quick cup of tea

With a tiny form-factor, a clean design, and a simple UI, the JMEY M2 dispenser from Xiaomi is both convenient as well as functional. Equipped with suction-cups on its base that keeps the small device constantly stable and grounded, the M2 allows you to connect either a bottle or an external water-reservoir to it, effectively turning it into a neat water dispenser you can control by pressing down on a capacitive touch panel on the top.

The M2 even has a rapid heating feature that allows you to set a higher temperature. Perfect for when you want to make some tea, coffee, or even a packet of soup or ramen, the M2’s internal 1-liter tank instantly heats the water up, giving you piping hot water when you need it. The device comes with its own external water reservoir which plugs neatly into the M2, although if you want to mount a regular bottle onto it, a simple attachment allows you to easily plug your own bottled water into the M2 too.

Designer: Xiaomi