This redesigned traffic cone is minimal, visible, durable, and stackable!

Designed as a part of Render Weekly’s concept-creation sprints, Gary Clarke’s take on the traffic cone offers a stronger, classier take on the conical road-barricade. Most traffic cones/barricade come either rotationally molded or injection-molded from plastic, whereas Clarke’s alternative uses bent metal piping.

Made to be slightly larger than traditional cones (for everyone who’s arguing that minimal cones would impact visibility), Clarke’s design is tetrahedral and manufactured from a single pipe that’s bent and powder-coated in bright metallic orange before being finished off with a couple of stripes of reflective paint. Like most cones, these ones are stackable/nestable too, but fill the hollow piping in with sand or gravel and you’ve got cones that are also much more durable than their plastic counterparts, i.e., can resist breakage, and can withstand strong winds too!

Designer: Gary Clarke