This shape-shifting Yoga Mat can transform into different sorts of workout-equipment

The Levigato fitness mat’s unique design is proof that everything should be questioned and nothing should be taken for granted. Perhaps the only yoga mat that’s also designed to transform into other sorts of workout equipment, the Levigato hopes to alter what the humble exercise mat is capable of. Unlike mats that are just made from rubber, foam, or cloth, the Levigato fitness mat comes with a dual-sided surface and a stiff design that opens and closes like origami. Not only does this make folding the Levigato MUCH easier than rolling up those fabric mats, it also allows the Levigato to turn into a cuboid when folded, allowing you to use it as a support block, a pushup-bar, or a stand for your laptop while you exercise while watching fitness videos online. It’s sort of like the Swiss-army multitool of yoga mats.

The Levigato Fitness Mat comes with two distinct surfaces that suit the varying needs of exercise and of meditation/stretching. A brushed surface helps provide traction, preventing you from slipping while you’re doing yoga poses, while a cushioned surface on the reverse side helps you do more intense exercises that require shock-absorption, like running in place or burpees. The mat itself comes with folding lines that allow it to fold up like a partition, while inbuilt magnets allow it to easily close with a quick, satisfying snap, because the last thing you need after a grueling workout is to fumble with a yoga mat that keeps unrolling as you roll it up. Once folded, the Levigato turns into the perfect block for exercises like pushups, handstands, step-ups, and a variety of other exercises. You can dock more than one mat to increase its height, bringing levels of intensity to your workout too.

Made from non-porous materials, the Levigato is exceptionally easy to clean too, whether it’s under running water, or just a wipe-down with a damp towel after a sweaty exercise. The mats even resist bacterial growth and mildew, keeping them sanitized and fresh for longer, unlike foam or cloth mats that tend to absorb sweat, dirt, and humidity from the air. It’s a pretty impressive feature list for a product in a category that’s so often taken for granted. The yoga mat itself is such a plain and simple product, it didn’t even seem to me like something that could be redesigned or innovated upon, but Levigato’s ability to A. prove me wrong, and B. actually design a mat that’s functional, durable, and incredibly versatile, makes me believe in the power of creativity and the drive for innovation! I won’t be going back to my basic foam yoga mat any time soon…

Designer: Nicholas Christ

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $149 ($50 off). Hurry, only 5/110 left!

Levigato – World’s Most Versatile Fitness Mat

The Levigato is a fitness mat that’s foldable, portable, stackable, and durable enough for all your workouts.

Folds & Unfolds in Seconds

The Levigato folds in a matter of seconds and is pulled together with embedded magnets.

Easy Transport & Storage

The Levigato Fitness Mat’s innovative construction not only looks sleek, it is easily transported and stacked.

The mat’s folding feature helps your home gym or studio stay organized and streamlined.


Its textured finish on both sides gives you optimal shock absorption and friction finish for traction. With sweat dispersion channels, no towel is needed during your workout.

Stay Fresh

Unlike most other mats, the Levigato Fitness Mats are resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria and odor.

Easily keep your mat clean and fresh with a quick scrub using soap and water.

Embedded Magnets

Embedded magnets allow for easy folding, without any inconvenience or discomfort for you while using the mat.

Two Mats in One

Both sides of the Levigato Fitness Mat have unique features giving you the ultimate versatility in your workouts. The reverse side of the mat has excellent strength, durable cushioning, and resilient shock absorption.

Add Variety to your Workout

Catch a glimpse of how to take your workout to the next level with the Levigato Fitness Mat. Stack multiple mats to maximize your stretching, or use one mat folded up for extra padding for push-ups or handstands.


Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $149 ($50 off). Hurry, only 5/110 left!