Architectural Renders that showcase a surreal future where nature rules our modern homes!

We all know how beautiful nature is – we continuously draw inspiration from it and set up space outside our homes for things to grow in an organized manner. But what if nature decided to overrun our boundaries and step into our homes? It sounds scary, but the result imagined by designer Alexis Christodoulou (@teaaalexis) is strikingly beautiful! Alexis imagines a world where humans have taken a step back (maybe the quarantine is still ongoing there!) and let the flowers, grass, and all the other myriad plants enter our home. Surreal but beautiful, the untouched nature tells a story of peace and harmony in each of these landscapes!

We all love a sunken seating arrangement, but Alexis elevates that situation to a whole new level. Replacing a modern living room with a field of flowers, Alexis brings the escapism to your living room.

A minimal, pristine white corridor that replaces the traditional accent rugs with something even more traditional – a carpet of flowers with a pathway running through it! Let nature come in and rule our creations to make them even better.

Autumn flows through this balcony with hues of red to yellow flourishing in there! Just looking at this render showcases the warmth of this season. If only we could smell the earthiness in the air, we would be transported to that space.

Corals come out from under the sea to meet the land in this Greece-inspired render. Now just imagine sitting on that chair and watching the sunset, it would be one of the most beautiful sunsets ever!

Green is scientifically known to cool our eyes and calm us down. It is that feeling of calm that washes over you when you look at this wall of green outside your home instead of the boring old fence!

Titled Population 001, this place is the perfect setting for one! A setting designed to help you focus and grow, this place is all set for one individual to rule.

Usually leaving a window open invites bugs and some good old-fashioned dust. But in Alexis’s world, your bathroom gets overrun by a pink weed that makes the old white tiles look retro and fashionable.

Remember those dream sequences commonly showed in movies, where children run through a field of flowers with their hands running across the flowers…this render looks like a top view of that field, only with much cooler colors!

Greenhouses may be green (logically speaking) but this one is offset by hues of rust and bronze! Maybe this is what the greenhouse on Planet Mars looks like.

Is a pool a pool if it’s orange and not blue? I truly don’t know the answer to it but it sure looks surreal yet beautiful.

Each render by Alexis is an escape to a dreamland we want to be in, situated in a space overrun by nature, away from all the clutter mankind imposes on the planet and until that happens, we can count on more designs by Alexis to keep us going!