This mountain-shaped drain filter makes unclogging drains less ‘icky’

I feel unusually invested in talking about this product, especially as a man with long, curly hair living in a city with a notorious hard-water problem. Nobody likes unclogging their drain, more so if your drain gets clogged every 3-4 days. The very idea of using your fingers to pull apart soapy hairballs that are tangled with metal meshes itself makes my stomach turn… so Huroyama set out to make it less, well, icky.

This mountain-shaped drain-cover actually does a few fundamental things. Made from silicone, the cover sits on top of your existing grille. Its mountain shape traps hair, but lets water pass through ensuring your drain never gets clogged. The Huroyama’s shape does the trick by using a conical form to separate the water from the hair. As the water passes through the grille, it pushes the hair up the inclined surface, clearing a path for itself. The hair, which gets caught in Huroyama’s cutouts, can easily be lifted off without worrying about having to untangle anything. Moreover, the product’s silicone construction is soft to the touch, so your foot doesn’t accidentally touch metal if you ever step on it. That’s one more cringe-worthy experience averted.

Metal grates/grilles are also often a cesspool of bacteria, moisture, and subsequently molds. Huroyama’s construction also uses anti-bacterial silver-ion particles that help neutralize germs and prevent the growth of molds in and around your drain. The product started off as a fun exercise but soon evolved into a pretty promising product that received nearly $90,000 in funding online from over 5000 backers. I bet most of them have long hair. 😛

Designer: Huroyama