The sound of music is what the grooves on this aluminum turntable represent!

Everyone loves a quintessential vinyl turntable. There’s something simply so magical and iconic about them! However, there hasn’t been much variation and experimentation when it comes to these turntable designs. Hence, product designer Yani Vandenbranden wanted to create a turntable that sets itself apart. A design that extends beyond an ordinary turntable, or what she calls a “360-degree product”.

Vandenbranden’s turntable Bo is innovative and interesting. Crafted primarily from aluminum, Bo seems to be larger and more impressive than conventional turntables. Owing to its metallic body, when placed in a sunlight-filled room, the light reflects off Bo to create a beautiful pattern. Whereas when placed in a darker room, it takes on a completely different appearance. What makes Bo even more visually interesting is the grooved ridges all around it. Inspired by the ripples created on the surface of water by wind, Vandenbranden embossed the turntable with these ridges, which are meant to represent sound waves. The ridges are a physical manifestation and a visual representation of the rhythm created by the turntable. The sound waves (aka the ridges) give a 3-dimensional look to Bo.

The base platform and the actual platform upon which the record is placed differ in height. The elevation provides a certain dynamic appeal to the entire product. Sleek, modern and thoroughly unique, Bo is the kind off turntable that could easily integrate with our modern homes. It’s a turntable with a twist!

Designer: Yani Vandenbranden