This conceptual hand warmer comes with aesthetics designed to warm your soul

This hand warmer makes you feel the inner warmth even when you just look at it. That’s because its build and aesthetic were inspired by the feeling you get when you are all wrapped up in a cozy blanket on a cold winter day. The designers purposely made these hand warmers to give a physical form to that emotion. Second White created this concept as a part of its ‘Essentials Only’ project and we couldn’t agree more – once you know life in winter with a hand warmer, there is no going back!

Every curve and color of the device embodies the function of the hand warmer, especially the soft elliptical shape which fits naturally in your palms. It is perfectly sized for you to fit it in your coat pockets – a portable essential to carry during the winters especially if you have a commute! The hand warmer can be easily charged with a USB cord even with a phone. To ease your mind, it also comes with a backup battery and a handy light for those winter evenings when the sun sets early. Now we wait for this concept to come to life and be a ray of sunshine for those snowy days.

Designer: Second White