A charger for Mr. Rubik

The guys behind the Cu.Braker charger took “circuit breaking” rather literally. Everyone owns a smart-device. No one owns any modicum of patience. We put our phones on charge and just forget about it for hours. Even though manufacturers take precautions for overcharging a device, it still isn’t good for the battery’s health or life. Cu.Braker is an indicative charger that let’s you know when your phone has charged completely, and also does you the favour of mechanically cutting off the power supply. Perhaps the most effective way of safeguarding your phone during its charging cycle.

Designer: Chang Soo Lee


  • Thibault says:

    Trouble with battery is due to cheap charger that doesn’t include charge controller like the phone’s manufacter do. Apple charger, Samsung and so one, include a charge controller that dim the power of charging at the end of the charging cycle and switch to charge preservative power supply when the charge is done.

    It’s cool as an object to design this kind of charger but it clearly demonstrate your lack of understanding of the problem when we read your demonstration. too bad.

  • Cynyr says:

    All cell phones these days include a charge controller in the phone. There is no need for the charger in the wall to be anything other than a safe regulated power supply.

    Apart from watching the current levels and detecting a drop in current when the charge controller slows down near the end of charging i’m not sure how this would work anyways.

    Additionally, because most cell phone chargers are fairly efficient switch mode power supplies and not old school transformers and linear converters, they use pennies of electrcity per YEAR when nothing is plugged in. In short if it’s not warm when there is nothing charging don’t worry about it’s power consumption, leaving the light on in the other room will have used more power than can be saved by unplugging your cell phone charger.

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