The radiant gradients on these geometric desk organizers will brighten up your workday!

A neat and tidy desk leads to a neat and tidy mind! How effectively can you expect yourself to function when you’re surrounded by your own self-inflicted mess? YUUE Design Studio has come up with a super smart and aesthetically appealing solution, ‘One Piece’. One Piece is a desk organizer crafted from a single sturdy piece of beechwood. The minimalistic organizer has been embossed with various little slots to carefully store and arrange all your office supplies! Its compact size makes the organizer super portable and easy to move around. Each piece has been colored with a beautiful gradient that captures your attention instantly. However, the designer soon realized that every individual has their own storage requirements. Hence he came up with three versions for One Piece!

Designer: Weng Xinyu of YUUE Design Studio

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The ‘Classic’ was created in an attempt to have something that works for almost everybody. Available in an option of pink and white, it caters to everyday office work. Featuring a rectangular body with rounded edges, the little slots are perfect for storing pens, pencils, scissors, notes, cards, paperclips, a ruler, and anything else you need!

The ‘Architect’ was designed for all the artists or anyone with a bit of a creative soul. It is apt for storing the bulkier markers and pens, art and drawing materials and even a calculator. Featuring sharp square edges, this organizer comes in a beautiful grey and hues of blue.

Last but not least, the ‘Geek’ is one desk organizer we could all use. The Geek is meant for all the avid digital junkies, who cannot do without their electronic devices. With longer, rectangular slots, it is suitable for storing among other stationery items, a phone, tablet, memory media, batteries, etc. This organizer is available in an option of yellow and green.

Available in a variety of versions, and an even more intriguing collection of colors with radiant gradients, YUEE’s One Piece is the desk organizer I’m sure we would all pick up in a heartbeat!