The Oni is a mini EDC knife that’s ready whenever you are

Tiny, portable, and concealing great power within (kinda like Baby Yoda), the Oni pocket-knife from Damned is the kind of EDC you’ll want to have on you at all times. When closed, the Oni measures a mere 3 inches, opening out to 5 inches to reveal its versatile and powerful tanto-style blade.

The 2-inch blade is the perfect cross between pocketability and usability. Made from S35VN steel, the blade does a great job of cutting, piercing, carving, scraping, and whittling away outdoors or indoors. A noticeable concavity on the top of the blade provides a great place to rest your thumb, allowing you to apply downward pressure while working the knife. Encased within a TC4 titanium handle, Oni’s robust construction lets you use the blade as a pry-tool or a flint-scraper to start fires too.

Practically the size and weight of a keyfob, the Oni was designed to be the kind of EDC that’s always around, ready to be useful. At just 2.5 ounces, the Oni can be carried anywhere with you, either suspended to your pocket using the pocket clip, or tagged to your bag or neck, thanks to the lanyard hole in its body.

The Oni comes in two variants, one with the S35VN steel blade and TC4 titanium body, and an equally capable budget version with D2 tool steel and a body with G10 fiberglass scales, both of which come with a lifetime warranty to ensure that you’re always equipped with a knife that’s there when you need it, concealed when you don’t, and is as productive and badass as you are!

Designer: Adrian D’souza

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Oni – The Everyday Use Knife

The size of a key fob, the Oni knife is small but offers you the perfect mix of versatility, capability and practicality. With a closed length of 3″, the Oni is perfect for everyday carry. Its 2″ Tanto blade can easily handle your day to day piercing, cutting and scraping tasks!


The Oni has been designed with the user in mind and is very ergonomic to hold and use. The easiest way to deploy the blade is by rolling your thumb over the unique, minimal front flipper tab. The gimping makes this a breeze once you get the hang of it.

You can also flick it open and for those who are skilled, you can also pull back the tab with your index finger.

Those with smaller hands are able to get a good 3 finger grip. If your hands are a bit larger, you can still maintain a solid 2 finger grip. The spine of the blade also has a harpoon style cut which allows you to choke down on the knife for more demanding tasks.

Aside from a non obtrusive pocket clip, the Oni also features a hole that allows you to add a lanyard for added grip or to put on a keychain.

Blade Type

The Tanto is arguably the ruling knife design with many possible uses. While there was an array of blade styles to choose from, the Tanto provides the best design for general utility on a day to day basis. Tanto blades can pierce, stab, and slice, making them highly versatile as an EDC tool. Not to mention a shape many find much easier to sharpen.

Blade Material

S35VN is called the “ultimate mainstream steel” for good reason. It is truly a top-tier, high-quality knife steel offering superior toughness, wear resistance, edge retention, and machinability for the money. S35VN is featured on the top tier models of the Oni whereas the budget version features D2, a tool steel that is tough and has superb edge retention.

Handle Design and Materials

The Oni has milled scales and is available in the following configurations:

– Titanium Framelock with Titanium hardware
– Linerlock with steel liners, Ti hardware and Cf+G10 scales.
– Linerlock with steel liners, Stainless hardware and G10 scales.
– It is available in a multitude of colors

The Oni was Designed to be Versatile





Strike Ferro Rods.


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