Crafted out of recycled plastic, this carry-on luggage is making holidaying eco-friendly

Each travel case by California-based Going Places recycles an equivalent of 350 plastic bottles. Designed to let you travel the world while not leaving a negative impact on it, the Going Places Eco-Luggage features a durable, recycled polycarbonate shell. Rather than relying on virgin plastics, Going Places Eco-Luggage takes existing plastic out of circulation and giving it another 10-20 years of use… especially considering the fact that the recycled plastic case is far stronger than a case made out of virgin plastics.

Every year the luggage industry uses an estimated 100 billion tonnes of plastic to produce hard-shell travel cases. Designed by passionate travelers who believe in the transformative power of traveling to new places, Going Places shows it’s easy to make a travel case that’s functional, desirable, durable, and sustainable, with no trade-offs. The travel case comes with a lifetime warranty, along with an anti-theft YKK zipper and ultra-smooth Hinomoto wheels. The eco-friendly case even packs an expandable design that adds an extra 9 liters of space, and comes with a recycled plastic mesh-divider on the inside that doubles up as an organizer, letting you segregate and separate your trinkets, accessories, and toiletries in a thoughtfully-designed detachable pouch you can hang anywhere.

Styled as a 45L carry-on, the Going Places Eco-Luggage comes in four colors to match your quite literally outgoing personality, and comes complete with a battery-pouch and USB outlet to charge your phone, a TSA compliant lock, an in-built laundry bag, and enough consciously designed and recycled plastic to actually make a difference, all while being a travel-geek!

Designer: Kaya Studios

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Going Places Eco-Luggage – A Better Way to See The World

The Roomy Carry-on by Going Places features an incredibly durable shell made from post-use recycled polycarbonate that was otherwise destined for landfills. The sustainable approach continues on the interior, which is lined with a premium fabric made from recycled water bottles.

How Does the Recycled Polycarbonate Shell Hold Up?

The team put it to the test against the virgin polycarbonate shell of a leading premium luggage brand.

Why Using Recycled Plastics Matter

Historically, less than 10% of plastic is recycled, and the percentage of plastic that’s recycled is likely dropping. Almost all plastic ends up being burned or dumped in landfills or our oceans where damages ecosystems and contributes to global warming.

Why is so little plastic recycled? A big part of the reason is that not enough products are made from recycled plastics. Each year, luggage manufacturing adds the equivalent of about 10 billion plastic bottles worth of new plastic to our world.

The Roomy Carry-On

An Overview

More Secure

Most high-end luggage can be easily opened with something as simple as a pen. This luggage has a theft-resistant YKK double-coil zipper to give you peace of mind.

More Capacity

With a massive 45L of carry-on capacity, you’ll have more than enough space for most trips. When you need more, the luggage expands to give you another 9L of space.

A Thoughtfully Designed Interior

Includes a laundry bag for your dirty clothes and a compression pad that lets you fit more clothing in your bag and does double-duty as an organizer at your destination.

And a Removable Compression Pad That Doubles as an Organizer

Hinomoto Wheels and USB Charging

Two USB ports let you keep your devices charged. Simply slide your USB battery* pack into the battery pocket inside of the luggage, connect the luggage charging cables to your battery, and you’re good to go!

Lifetime Warranty & Durability Testing

Register your Roomy Carry-On online to activate the Lifetime Warranty. If they can’t fix or repair a defect, they will replace the product, no questions asked.

Click Here to Buy Now: $235 $325 ($90 off). Hurry, only 3/25 left!