The wave-inspired forms on this air purifier change colour to indicate the air quality!

In the 21stcentury with pollution seemingly always on the rise, air purifiers are considered as common everyday household appliances. The need for clean air has never been more pertinent. However, the conventional air purifier designs can become a bit boring, often contrasting with the interiors and aesthetic theme of our homes. Hence Korean product designer Minho Lee has come up with ‘Air Wave’. Air Wave performs all the functions of an ideal air purifier but also manages to take it up a notch. It functions as a piece of furniture as well, seamlessly merging into the interiors of your home, with a colorful twist! Adapting to the changing trends of residential spaces, Air Wave cohesively compliments any living area it is placed into. Circular and tubular in shape, with four legs to support it, the purifier has been embellished with four curvy lines that serve as motifs representing the flow and movement of air. Resembling waves, the lines change color according to the quality of air in your home; blue for when it’s extremely clean, green for normal, yellow for when it’s turning impure and red for high alert when the impurity hits the roof! Within the circular top of Air Wave lies an ‘Air Clean Display’ which shows the dust concentration present in the indoor space. The color of the display also shifts from blue to green to yellow and (hopefully not) red indicating the air quality. This airwave lighting technique also gives an in-depth analysis of the dust present after every four steps, so you are always informed about the atmosphere of your household. Date, time, and temperature are all displayed on the screen.

Air Wave is an attempt to break away from the usual air purifier designs, to end the eternal struggle between home appliances and furniture. Both these items are often at odds, failing to collaborate to create an aesthetic living space. However, Air Wave promises to bridge this gap, harmonizing the relationship between furniture and home appliances, by serving as an appliance that camouflages within your living space, and at the same time brightening it up with different colors! Say goodbye to boring box-like air purifiers, and welcome the visually interesting and colorful Air Wave!

Designer: Minho Lee