A table designed to be shared across generations, fostering community spirit

Children these days (adults are no exception either) prefer to while away their spare time immersed in smartphones, tablets, television, laptops and other gadgets. The era when they sat together to simply scribble, draw or engage in activities seems like a time gone by. In an attempt to encourage a ‘communal feeling’ and ‘spontaneous interaction’ amongst not only children, but children and adults as well, LA-based architects Tim Durfee and Iris Anna Regn have created the ‘Growth Table’. The Growth Table is the extension of an ordinary, everyday table. It is a tiered wooden ‘community’ table, with seating areas at different height levels to accommodate an entire family. Created from a mixture of marine plywood, douglas fir, glass, and rubber the structure can be placed in an indoor or outdoor space. It was designed with the intention that individuals of different age groups could simply sit together and draw. However, this can be extended to other activities as well, especially in the case of homeschooling!

The several adjustable levels and angles provide a setting for children, and adults as well to engage with one another, but also helps maintain the sensation of ‘personal space’. Textured patterns have been cut into the table using a CNC router, providing ample space for storing various drawing or other supplies. Social and solitary at the same time, the Growth Table provides the perfect opportunity for families to interact without invading each other’s space!

Designers: Tim Durfee & Iris Anna Regn