Hose Without the Guilt

Feel guilty about hosing your car or watering the lawn? What if you could juice up some AA’s in the process? Check out the Great Barrier – a mini generator fixed to your hose and in turns charges up a battery . This power is stored in an AA cell, the most commonly used size in the world. Okay, this isn’t exactly “green” by any means but hey, it’s kinda guilt-free right? Maybe?

Designer: Warin Thanathawee


  • Doximagry says:

    I have had the same idea for a while now, but couldn't the turbine be placed all over the house were water is used frequently, and then be connected to batteries like with a solar panel? Also the house could be connected to a gray water system that would make it green then.

    I like it…

  • Unfortunately, thermodynamics means that you'd just have to turn the hose up higher to make up for the energy you use to charge the battery.

    • disgruntled engineer says:

      agreed, I feel like all designers need an intro to basic laws of thermodynamics. So many perpetual motion machines… Why don't we put turbines on cars to harness all that energy while they drive down the road!?!?

      • engineeringthoughts says:

        Also agreed.

        There is a big difference between a design concept and art.

  • engineeringthoughts says:

    Also agreed.

    There is a big difference between a design concept and art.

  • Sue says:

    True for the applications that will require a certain pressure of water like when hosing or using a shower head this concept is useless (or at least not very useful) put for other water usage that do not require the water pressure to be high (where you could make do with the reduce pressure) it could be a bit useful am fitting like filling the bath, the toilet tank, swimming pools etc. Also i agree that being able to cpnnect it to batteries instead of using the AA type might be more versatile especially at larger scales

    • Grey says:

      For the idea, its pretty cool, I agree with Sue, maybe think of a larger scale. If one of these at every water outlet at home & could power the lights in the 5metre region, then we in business.. Nice Job with the render..

  • everlastingz says:

    another industrial designer who hasn't graduated from basic science class is born

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