The pen that’s thin enough to be a bookmark…

The very term CW&T uses to describe the Type-C Pen is indicative of how refreshingly cool the writing instrument is. Labeled as a Bookmark Pen, the Type-C is a flat, reliable writing tool with a form and deploying mechanism that are both one-of-a-kind.

Machined out of titanium, with a high-quality cartridge that promises to never dry or leak, the Type-C Pen is literally the kind that’s designed to be carried around anywhere you go. Its flat, 3.5mm design fits wonderfully inside notebooks, between pages, and even in pockets, while at the same time feeling great to hold. Type-C’s titanium construction gives it the strength it needs to remain incredibly thin, while a bent steel member sits around it, flipping forwards or backwards to cover or expose the Type-C’s 0.4mm black Hi-Tec-C Coleto ink cartridge.

The magic of the Type-C Pen is its ability to be both a serious writing instrument for everyday use, and a fun pen that you can fidget with, and grow incredibly fond of. Its lightweight and compact form factor is handy, quite literally, while its true purpose was to slide easily into books or in pockets without creating the bulge a conventional cylindrical pen would… And it won’t roll off tables either!

Designer: CW&T