Cutting-edge Saw

This pole saw attachment combines advanced ergonomics with clean electric power to remove brush and branches. The long reach of the extension boom and a balanced, weight-distributing harness allows the user to easily trim branches without putting strain on the arms or back. The tool also collects and transfers information about its activity wirelessly to better gauge usage and efficiency.

Designer: Viktor Rosendahl


  • name says:

    These things exist. Nearly every brand has one of them in their range. And they work like a charm…
    Google “backpack brushcutter”. So you have to explain what makes yours better.

  • Cindy says:

    Good work! Very neat and fresh looking 😉

  • Viktor says:

    Thanks Cindy! =)

  • Viktor says:

    Glad you asked!
    First I have to mention that this concept is not for gardening. Its aimed to professional users doing forest clearing at an early stage when the trees are in between 2 meters high and 5-7cm (plantation forest clearing). There is a growing need among the swedish forestry companies for this type of forest clearing (the focus of this concept is in a way unique by it self).

    You probably mean models like this one:
    STIHL FR480 C-F
    This type certainly look alot like mine at first glance but if you ever try one out, you will notice that the weight from the pole is held up entirely by your own arms. Try that for 8 hours a day for the rest of your life and you will soon be walking with a sligth arch to the right.

    Then we have the traditional type:
    HUSQVARNA 345fx
    Here you have the entire weight of the saw hanging from one side of the user, leaving a constant preassure on the right side of the hip and the left shoulder.

    Some controversial solutions like this one also exist:
    This type of saw is very effective in keeping the preassure of the back, but….first of all, the grip makes it impossible to keep the shoulders leveled and the angle of the blade prevents the user from cutting effectively anywere but above waist level and second, it takes up alot of space. Many of the users Ive spoken to complain about the fact that the pole (running from the back over the head) keeps getting caught in trees branches (one user actually almost killed himself when he got stuck in a branch and hurled to into the water while jumping over a brook).

    …..Also, none of the above principales for professional users run on batteries;)

    Hope this answers your question?
    (and sorry for any misspellings)


  • jim brown says:

    HI Viktor,

    i really like your design and sketches.
    I would love to see some more of your development sketches and how you got to your final prototype.


  • Jimbo Ingersoll says:

    Would you trust a company who can’t spell the word “balance?” in their advertisement?

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