You can pull this magnetic keyboard’s two halves apart for easy under-the-key cleaning

Do you know what the dirtiest place on earth is? No, it isn’t some landfill in some underdeveloped country, it’s right under your fingers. Keyboards, over time, become so dirty, they might as well be the dirtiest places on earth. Hair, skin cells, food crumbs, dust, dead insects, oil, snot, these are just some of the things that get trapped under your keys, and almost never ever get cleaned… because cleaning between keys is just one of those annoyingly difficult things to do. I wouldn’t blame you for the lack of trying, but it isn’t easy cleaning the stuff that falls between the keys of your keyboard.

That’s why there’s Jung Min Kim’s Magnetic Keyboard comes in. Designed for easy cleaning, the Magnetic Keyboard can be pulled apart in two and wiped, scrubbed, or even washed under running water. Rather than relying on mechanical action, Jung Min Kim’s keyboard design uses magnetic repulsion to provide the springy-ness of the keys. The top half contains the keyboard’s upper frame, with the keys built in, while the bottom half has the circuit-board housed in a water-tight body, with magnetic heads on its upper surface. Clip both pieces together and you have a fully functional keyboard with an unusual spring action (I assume there won’t be any clickety-clack feedback), but more importantly, you have a keyboard you can pull apart occasionally and wipe down with a piece of cloth. Why? Because you’re a hygienic person… that’s why.

Designer: Jung Min Kim