Winston encrypts your home network, preventing ANYONE from watching what you’re doing

Ever had a conversation with a friend about holidaying in Italy and found yourself automatically getting ads for holiday packages and hotel options? My friend just had a baby and I was texting her my congratulations, and the next thing you know, I find myself getting ads for childcare products. Here’s a little piece of truth. Your phone may be private, but the apps on it aren’t. Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, or those hundreds of nondescript video-editing apps and indie games lying in your app menu are all centered around what’s called the Surveillance Economy… It isn’t based around money, but rather around the collecting, compiling, and bartering of personal information.

If there’s one thing design taught me, it’s the fact that you should never assume that a human will change their behavior to accommodate your product. It’s usually the other way around. A product should help a human without causing them any friction. That’s pretty much how Winston operates. Instagram’s ad network relies on and trades in your personal data (to sell you products it thinks you’ll buy) but when has that ever stopped you from using Instagram? The solution isn’t to delete Instagram, or Facebook, or YouTube from your life, but to rather be more protective of your data… and the problem is that not everybody is tech savvy enough to be able to protect their data. That’s where Winston and its tongue-in-cheek video comes in! Think of Winston as that car-chase scene from 2 Fast 2 Furious. You’ve got two cars being chased by the police. The cars immediately zoom into this seemingly empty garage and the shutters close as the police wait outside, covering all the exits. When the garage shutters do open, after a good minute of suspense, 200 cars come rushing out of the massive garage, throwing the entire area into chaos as the police find themselves struggling to identify the cars they were originally after. Long analogy short, Winston lets you access your internet as usual, but encrypts and scrambles your traffic and behavior with the thousands of other Winston devices being used around the world. It acts as a buffer between your smart devices like your Amazon Echo or your Nest thermostat and your Wi-Fi connection, so nobody (not even your Internet Service Provider) can collect your information on the sly, and you’re now free to use any of those apps or smart devices, and all your data gets scrambled and encrypted with multiple other data-sets, much to the chagrin of Mr. Zuck, your snoopy ISP, hackers, and everyone who aims to exploit and profit off your personal data and privacy.

Designed as a mysterious pristine looking silver box (courtesy Winston Privacy’s partnership with design studio MNML), Winston has the demeanor of a trustworthy, robust, no-nonsense device. Working with Winston’s software, the box connects directly to your Wi-Fi router, providing you a secure internet across all your devices. Winston doesn’t just prevent apps and smart-devices from stealing your data. It blocks ISPs from snooping on you, blocks ads, pop-ups, and periodically deletes cookies. Ridding your internet connection of all this excess baggage, Winston allows you to browse the internet faster, and even cuts down on your data usage. Besides, it blocks hackers from being able to tap into your webcam, doorbell, or your Wi-fi router, giving complete access to a truly private internet experience that’s absolutely within YOUR control.

Designer: MNML

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Winston: Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy

This is a plug-n-play hardware filter that reclaims your use of the Internet on ALL connected devices at home. It stops tracking, spying & hacking.

Winston doesn’t let big tech companies, advertisers, data brokers, hackers and governments access your data. Winston delivers true online privacy for safe browsing experience.

Below: Winston Puts You In Control

Winston vs Other Privacy Solutions

How Winston Protects Your Online Privacy

Winston’s Zero-knowledge technology doesn’t allow anyone to see, log or decrypt your internet activity. It scrambles and encrypts your home network, preventing anyone from watching what you are doing.

Complete Encryption

Winston scrambles and encrypts your home network, preventing anyone from watching what you’re doing.

Hide Your IP Address

Winston’s anonymous privacy mesh network conceals your location from advertisers, hackers and other snoops.

Below: Winston’s Encryption & Anonymity Functionality

The Hardware

Plug in your Winston between your router and your modem, and within 60 seconds, it will protect every internet-connected device in your home network.

The Software

Once plugged in, Winston routes your web traffic through 20-30 other Winston units, which are selected randomly several times each hour. This makes it impossible to correlate individual users to their IP addresses, and it does so without logging any data.

The Online Dashboard

Winston’s online dashboard lets you dig into your network analytics and see exactly how Winston is working for you. You can:

– Inspect blocked ads and trackers
– View your network health
– Monitor activity
– View detailed usage reports

This is a demonstration of cookieless surveillance methods that can be used to track your browser, even in incognito mode.

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