A tiny phone-mounted kit that lets you test your eye-power from your home

As a glasses-wearer myself, I admit I don’t visit the optometrist as much as I visit the dentist… and I hardly ever visit the dentist. Eyes are by far the one sense we rely on the most, and with the amount of stress we put them through all day, especially with the screens we surround ourselves with, it’s no wonder more and more people find themselves needing prescription eyewear.

Depending on your proximity to screens, medical conditions, or even genetic history, your vision could fluctuate to the degree that you’d need to get eye tests done every few months. The process for getting your eye-power checked, however, hasn’t seen much development in the past decade or more. You still need to book an appointment with the optician or optometrist, get your eyes checked, order a new pair of glasses, and wait a week for them to deliver. Not only is this process painstakingly long, it also requires a lot of effort that a majority of people aren’t willing to take. That’s where EyeQue’s Personal Vision Tracker comes in.

Designed to be an incredibly small device that straps to your phone, the EyeQue Personal Vision Tracker is a mini-scope that works with EyeQue’s app and patented technology to let you accurately calculate your eye-power from the comfort of your home. The mini-scope puts your eye at a fixed distance away from your phone’s screen, while the EyeQue app runs multiple tests to capture each meridian of your eye. The app’s two-button control system allows you to move red and green lines closer to each other till your eye sees them as a single yellow line. Perform a series of tests for each eye, and the app’s advanced technology can exactly chart your eye’s power, keeping a historical record of your eye-power prescriptions on your phone for you to consult. The EyeQue’s readings can be directly used to order new pairs of spectacles or contact lenses online, cutting the entire aforementioned process from weeks to just 2-3 days… while saving you an arduous trip to the eye-doctor!

Designer: EyeQue Corporation