The next generation of aerospace assembly equipment!

The assembly process for aerospace technology is driven by immense precision and breath-taking accuracy. However, there is significant room for improvement especially when it comes to making the connection between the fuselage and the ribs; awkward positioning, limited lighting and changes in jig tolerances lead to ‘buried’ or miss-aligned holes that are made worse by back drilling that must be performed from the inside. But, what if this didn’t have to be the case?

The DTS 01 has been designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the connection process. Composing of two main units, the drilling unit and the targeting unit, the user is guided towards the correct location for drilling! This is possible through the use of Ultrasonic Targeting, that uses the reflected ultrasonic waves that bounce off the fuselage to determine the positioning of the hole.

This ingenuous use of technology has been packed into a user-friendly and compact device that is robust enough to withstand that challenging environment it is placed within!

Designer: Mehmet Mehmetalioglu