Can a product ever be both sleek and rugged? Hauter Timepieces say yes.

The textbook definition of sleek is a product having an elegant, streamlined shape or design. Rugged, on the other hand, is defined as quite the opposite, characterized by products having a rough surface. It seems like an error to use both these words to describe the same product, but the Hauter Timepieces manage to achieve this unique distinction.

Separating form and surface as two individual entities, Hauter Timepieces create this wonderful visual contrast by using a sleek form, with a measured usage of rugged, rough, textures. The watch body showcases a simple, symbolic, minimalist form, while the watch’s face comes with a rough, rugged texture that somehow manages to complement the sleek silhouette, and accentuate the timepiece’s elegance through contrast.

The daring exterior is balanced out by a classic, crowd-favorite Swiss Ronda 3520.D chronograph on the inside, with two subdials, followed by a sapphire crystal on the top, encasing the rugged-yet-slick watch face. The Haute Timepieces come in silver and gun-metal colored variants, evoking a sense of class, and have the option of Stainless Steel mesh straps and Italian Leather straps, both pairing rather wonderfully with the watch’s avant-garde combination of sleek and rugged.

Designer: Gary Tang

Click Here to Buy Now: $204 $304 (Save $100). Hurry, limited in stock!


Material: 316L Stainless Steel Sandblast Finishing
Case Size: 42mm
Case Thickness: 10.90mm
Glass: Sapphire Crystal
Dial Opening: 31.50mm
Water Resistant: 5ATM
Mesh Band & Strap Width: 20mm
Movement: Swiss Ronda 3520.D Chronograph

Click Here to Buy Now: $204 $304 (Save $100). Hurry, limited in stock!