Kitchen hoods on the induction hob!

We are very used to seeing the kitchen hoods being placed right above the cooking hob, given that hot air rises… and easier for the hood to flush it out of the kitchen. The Supreme Worktop Range Hood is designed to be flushed on the countertop – right in-between the cooking hobs. The countertop hood is space-saving and pulls in air from the cooking utensils and sucks it out of the room, in a jiffy. The air extraction cone is high performance and is only 18 cm deep. According to the designers, “Supreme offers A++ Energy class and 620 m3/h flow rate.”

While I really like the design and idea of integrating the hood into the cooking hob, my only concern is the accidental spills of gravy or boiling pasta water! Hopefully it can withstand such spills.

The Supreme Worktop Range Hood is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Engin Akbaba & Kaan Semih Savk for Silverline

Supreme is a hybrid product that combines air extraction with the induction hob, so all the components of the product are designed to provide the comfort of the end-user.

The motor component is placed to the inner panel of the countertop, which provides ease of assembly, so the height of induction hob is lowered to 18cm. This thinness offers usable space for the drawers of the countertop. Additionally, the separated motor unit has a water draining unit, which provides easy evacuate. Induction cooking technology provides a high level of safety.

All of the control panels are on the seamless surface of the hob. The functions like bridge cooking, which two cooking zones can be merged for bigger pots and pans improve the flexibility of cooking experience.

The separated air extraction motor unit has a water draining unit, which provides easy evacuate. Inside of the air extraction cone can be cleaned easily and the components like the air-extraction grill or the carbon filter can be easily removed, washed in the dishwasher.