World Time for Dummies

The WRLDCLCK simplifies telling time in different cities in one clever and awesomely simple device. The user can personalize the clock to their liking by adding as many hour hands as desired. Each hand is preprinted with various world cities and blank on the other so custom stickers can be added for other locations. Just snap on the different cities and forget it! And if you think wall clocks are passé, there’s also an app for your smartphone!

Designer: Robert Nightingale


  • Luke says:

    Cool…. except in all those *difficult* timezones such as Central Australian time which is 30 mins ahead of Eastern Australian Standard Time.

  • Sarah says:

    You could just remove the minute hand, the hour hand will always be correct to timezones that are 30 minutes ahead like Nepal, Sri Lanka and parts of Oz.

  • keici says:

    Where can we buy this clock from?

  • Chad says:

    love it!

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