What if Harley Davidson designed Air Purifiers

Well, if the company that made petrol-chugging motorbikes decided to also make air purifiers, I’d consider it a pretty good thing… but this one’s just a concept. As a part of PDF Haus’s What if ‘X’ brand made ‘Y’ product series, this is the Harley Davidson Air Purifier… a vertical air purifier that does a pretty remarkable job of copying the company’s sense of style and superimposing it on a product not manufactured by the company.

Look at the air purifier’s side profile and the shape immediately makes sense! The purifier is shaped like Harley’s iconic motorbike fuel tanks, and even packs the Harley logo to further the connection. Look to the front and you see the grill with three air outlets that push out the clean air. They’re encircled with warm, orange LEDs that tell you when the product is on, and a touchscreen panel on the top helps you control the purifier. On the opposite side is an easy-access hatch that lets you replace filters, and right at its bottom are the product details.

The presence of orange LEDs seems a little odd given that one has always associated pure air with the colors white or light blue. Maybe there’s a heater function too… that would make the orange LEDs really do the trick! Also, I wonder if the product makes the same sound as a Harley’s exhaust, or is it silent, like most purifiers??

Designer: Jeongchun Lee & PDF HAUS.