All-In-One Paint Package Design – a boon for painters

A very delightful packaging design is what we have for you here! Take a look at the All-In-One Paint Package Design, which includes an array of painting accessories in one compact package. The whole tin includes paint pads and trays that are designed in a rectilinear form, decreasing the footprint of the box and making it easy to store and transport. Apparently the paint pads are detachable and reusable and the lid of the paint tin can be used as a paint tray.

Once you’re done with using the tools, simply pack them together in place and store easily. The paint doesn’t dry and an extension pole is also included, to reach the corners of the tin. I like the efficiency of the whole design, hopefully the concept will see the light of day soon.

Designers: Kang Sinae & Han Wonseok for NOROO Holdings