An Undeniably Scandinavian-Inspired Speaker


This speaker has a strong essence of Scandinavian design about it… and that much is indisputable! The Scandinavian Philosophy prides itself on flowing, clean lines, harmony with the surrounds, and above all, functional simplicity…. This is all present within the design of this perfectly balanced speaker.

By being elevated from the base plate it creates more of a presence as well as adding a sense of suspense to the product. The internals are housed within the main body of the product, and are concealed behind the grey, fabric mesh that breaks up the design. The matte-white finish of the body is intercepted by wooden inserts; a design feature that is synonymous of iconic Scandinavian design.

Due to Bluetooth connectivity, the interface and controls have been kept to a minimum, with just a wooden volume dial present… allowing for a clean aesthetic to be maintained!

Designer: Arthur Bonneaud