Unofficial Nooka Concept and We Like It

Whenever a concept comes into our box, I can usually make a quick decision as to whether or not it’ll make it to the blog by giving it a once-over. But when it’s a concept inspired by and designed for an international brand, my immediate response will either be harsh or laboriously complimentary. Fortunately this concept falls into the latter. I know Nooka and its head henchman Matt Waldman so I can say with certainty, this concept watch takes the Nooka DNA and twists it into something new. Kudos.

Nooka is a dichotomy with their minimalist aesthetics accompanied by some of the most complicated time faces. It’s a place where art, design and logic meet. If you don’t have an affinity for at least two of those pre-requisites, you’re never going to understand Nooka. Designer Mario Troise does. This watch is minimalist, elegant, futuristic, easy to make and forces you to think of time yet in another visual way – this time made of up twelve boxes each made of up single pixels. Love or hate, I think it’s definitely Nooka.

Designer: Mario Troise


  • Jimmy C says:


  • Sam Jerichow says:

    This one definitely looks cool!

    I have some critiques: The time isn’t really much easier to read because of the 4 or 5 degrees the cade has been inclined. Just say the watch looks super cool with it! Even if it had the perfect angle, the time is still hard to tell precisely. Well I can only speak for myself 🙂 I can see it’s 7 hours and something abotu a quarter hour. But to really know it, I might need to count the pixels. But actually how is the time read. There are 12×12 pixels each square. 30 minutes means 72 pixels if I see right. Makes no sense right? 15 minutes means 36 pixels. Hm… What about times like 7:16? One pixel gets added? If you use 144 pixels (12×12) 2.4 pixels are a minute. Use 12×5 pixels (could be rectangular, no problem) and all is fine. Ok, I could do this another hour, sorry for the novel. But since “easy” got mentioned that often, I feel to tell: No, not easy at all. Not easy and not precisely.

    Dont understand me wrong, the watch looks great. The hidden buttons and the magnetic straps (you migh tneed more magnets, look at your watch and cound how many steps are normally needed) and the single piece design and the white with the LCD on top… and the presentation, wonderful!

    Good luck and I hope you improve this concept 🙂

  • Mario says:

    Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!
    I’m glad you liked it.

  • Tobias says:

    Ouch, that Japanese design is just weird. This has nothing to do with the Nooka watch.

  • Mike says:

    I second the copy thing. Both are fuggly

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