This kiridashi’s beauty lies in its unconventional design


While most purists would claim that the Engineer Kiridashi is in fact, a tanto-style blade rather than a kiridashi blade, it forms a part of Det Tidkun’s series of handmade kiridashis. Tidkun, a Thailand based knife designer (known as Ironbone Knives on Etsy) often creates these marvelous beauties by hand, relying on power tools only when absolutely necessary.

The knives are all made from SKD11 Steel, a tool steel that is known for its strength and ability to hold its sharpness for longer than traditional steel blades. Tidkun takes individual billets of steel and cuts out the knife’s profile using a waterjet before manually grinding and shaping the knife by hand. The blades are then stone-washed for a raw, rugged finish that complements Tidkun’s handiwork. The Engineer Kiridashi comes with a tanto-style blade that comes with two sharp edges and a pointed end. The Engineer, like most kiridashis, is an all-purpose knife, proving useful in most scenarios where cutting, slicing, piercing, and scouring are required. The blade even comes with a paracord and a leather sheathe to store it in!

Designer: Det Tidkun (Ironbone Knives)