Good Design Gets Better by The Year – Part 2


Hope you enjoyed my recap on the Good Design Awards 2018 here. Now it’s time to do a special countdown for you. Under the Chairmanship of Fumie Shibata and Vice Chair Seiichi Saito, the 2018 Good Design Awards saw about 4,789 entries and a total of 1,353 works were awarded. In this feature, YD picks its favorite 15 from the Good Design Best 100 list. It was a tough competition, and picked our 15 best!


Gogoro is a transportation network system where the Gogoro scooter uses rechargeable batteries. The city is dotted with the charging station hubs, and you simply have to go to them and replace your used batteries with a fully charged pair.


Hotel Hanare is in Yanaka, Tokyo and should not be mistaken for a regular hotel. The reception is located on the upper floor of the café, but the lodgings is in a separate part of the town. In many ways, the whole town serves as your hotel.


Bamboo Bicycle uses bamboo as the main frame of the cycle. The thought-process behind using this material, is to take advantage of its abundance in the local area.


TouchFocus e-focus instantaneously adjustable eyewear uses a touch sensor installed in the temple to automatically adjust your glasses from reading vision to long-distance vision.


Sony Aibo is a robotic AI-powered dog that hopes to revolutionize the adoption of AI technology at home. It hopes to influence the lifestyle of how people engage with AI at home.


Swans E-NOX Neuron eyewear is specialized in track and field usage, to help improve the performance of athletes.


Kamado-san Denki is an electric rice cooker with an earthenware pot made by Nagatani-en, and an electric shell for managing the cooking.


Bowls by Kai Corporation are designed to help you ‘beat’, ‘dress’ and ‘mix’ ingredients more efficiently. The rims of the bowl offer you a good grip, when you hold them.


With a very quirky tail, the Qoobo is a robotic pillow that has been designed to give a sense of comfort to its users. When you caress it, the tail waves gently, but when you rub the pillow, the tail swings playfully. Once-in-way, the tail wags randomly, just to say hello.


Convertible 2 in 1 Notebook PC – The HP Spectre is valued as premium in the PC market. Sporting a completely revolutionized design, and using innovative natural materials, this device is very easy to use.


Cooking Dishes by KaB DESIGN are versatile and can be put straight into the microwave, from the refrigerator. The dishes are your perfect companion for baking, storing and freezing food.


JIMNY / JIMNY SIERRA by Suzuki was launched in 1970 and has the reputation of offering high off-road stability. After two decades and an overhaul in design, this automobile is still at its peak performance.


The Red Ladybug is an off-road fire truck that has been designed as a multi-purpose first responder vehicle for disasters like earthquake, hurricane, thunderstorms, landslide, snowstorm, and volcanic eruptions.


The Rig Dog Xtreme Impact Glove protects professionals from hand injuries in heavy industries like oil & gas, construction & mining. The ergonomic, flexible glove features TPR (Thermo-plastic rubber) impact resist parts across hand & fingers.


City Service-car or The Gifted City is the social design project where designers and differently-abled people work together. Using art therapy as a medium, the designers create useful products with the differently-abled folks and retailing them.

Look for the 2019 Good Design Awards announcement, right here on Yanko Design.