The Perfect Wireless Earphones?!


Wireless earphones are becoming far more of a common sight, with them now being available in a variety of forms aimed to suit different demographics… but Unbound captured our attention, and for one very good reason. It’s carefully considered user experience.

A current annoyance with today’s Bluetooth earphones is their limited usage time due to their reliance on portable batteries. However, the Unbound solution to this is simple, yet ingenious; an extended battery cable attaches sleekly to each earphone, providing them with an extra 4-5 hours of play time, but most importantly, allows them to still be used whilst charging!

The Powercase increases the battery life even further, by more than 12 hours, meaning that you could listen to your music throughout the entirety of your day. With the aesthetics of earphones being a significant motive for purchase, we think it’s fair to say that Unbound carries a desirable style… we could certainly see ourselves using them!

Designer: Kyu Lee



Extended Battery + Docking Clip

“Unlike most true wireless earbuds including Apple Airpods that can’t be used when charging, this extended battery cable allows users to continue listening or calling while being charged. The Pogo pins in the docking clips deliver electrical power from the extended battery to the earbuds. In addition, the magnets on the clips of the extended battery cable allow functionality in which they can be connected, while still hanging on the user’s neck when it is not being used,” Lee explained.


Power Case Provides 12+ Hours Play Time

Unbound earbuds deliver 2 1/2 hours play time and an extra 12+ hours from the Power case. The portable power case has the built-in flexible USB charging connector, which allows users to be free from carrying an extra cable.