This book is literally a planetarium, a guitar, and a phone amplifier!

Kelli Anderson’s books are proof that there’s a tonne of things you can do with paper and imagination. After the wild success of This Book Is A Camera, a book that literally turned into a functional pinhole camera, Brooklyn-based artist/designer and tinkerer Kelli Anderson’s next book explores the mysteries of the physical world with more paper-based experiments. This Book Is A Planetarium features a pop-up planetarium that you can activate with your phone’s flashlight, a spiralgraph that teaches children the infinite wonders of geometric art, a stringed instrument that lets you understand how acoustic chambers work and how strings make sound, a passive amplifier that uses a cone to magnify the sound from your phone, and a perpetual calendar that allows you to view the Gregorian calendar of any given year!

A wonderful gift for children (even the ones at heart) with an inclination towards curiosity, This Book Is A Planetarium allows kids to unlock small mysteries of the universe, and prompts them to question phenomena around them, helping them expand their knowledge base and eventually their wings!

Designer: Kelli Anderson

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