The Wiro Bag: Refined Style, Redefined Sturdiness

Just looking at the Wiro bag you’ll notice something rather different about it. Your eyes immediately gravitate to the straps, which ditch the leather construction for something more durable, and much more alluring. Something like stainless steel.

Made from the kind of steel cables that are used to hold up bridges (or even suspend elevators), Wiro’s shiny steel-cable handles look stunning against the leather, providing a contrast of metallic against the leather’s matte finish. Backing the unusual-but-reliable choice of material for the straps is the rest of the bag which boasts of quality materials and quality construction. Made in a cabin-friendly format, the Wiro comes made from Italian leather on the outside (sourced and manufactured ethically), and the canvas-lined insides are secured by YKK zippers, arguably the best in the business.

The insides of the Wiro are designed to serve well for both business and travel. With padded slots for your laptop, tablet, phone, stylus, and other peripherals (along with dedicated storage accessories for cables and keys), the Wiro stores all your work belongings with enough space left for a fresh set of clothes, a toiletry kit, and even additional gear like a camera.

The packaging is made entirely with eco-friendly materials, sourced and manufactured ethically. Each Wiro comes with a 2-year warranty on the bag. The handles, on the other hand, will practically last a lifetime!

Designers: Kristof Huszar, Vanda Huszar-Polusa & Maruan Najdeh

Click here to Buy Now: $229 $380 (39% off)


Minimal and classic design.


The Wiro bag’s size is perfect for everyday use. 40 x 30 x 12 cm or 15.74 x 11.81 x 4.72 inches. Capacity is 14.4 L.


Every piece is made by hand with full attention to details.


Has pockets and straps for your accessories.


Padded foam slots to protect and store your laptop, tablet, power bank, etc.



– Handle made from PVC coated stainless steel cable.
– The exterior uses premium Italian leather.
– High gloss YKK metal zippers









Click here to Buy Now: $229 $380 (39% off)