A Beautifully Simple, Yet Usable, Wireless Charger


This sleek wireless charging unit stood out to us, and for all the right reasons! Tilt is gently angled towards the user, this allows for the device’s screen to be clearly visible and assists it in maintaining usability whilst charging.

The material choice for Tilt was carefully considered during the design process; a subtly textured silicone is present on the top surface, this prevents the phone from slipping down the angled top. Seamlessly embedded into this is an LED that gently emits through the translucent material that lies above it. This is a visual indicator to the user and communicates to them that Tilt is ready to charge their mobile device.

Its design is absent of any buttons, unnecessary features and jarring lines, in their place lies gentle curves and soft edges that lead to a fuss-free, and visually stunning, product.

Designer: Rob Shudra