The Stackup is Modular, Kitchen-friendly, and Eco-friendly

The Stackup Block Bottle is one of those projects you see in every tenth student portfolio, but somehow the massive, multi-billion dollar plastics industry never really accepted the idea of blow-molded containers that would modularly fit on top of one and another. It’s a good thing Kickstarter, the disruptor that it is, provides a platform for independent makers and creators to go ahead and build products that come from the minds of problem-solving consumers, rather than large, money-minded conglomerates.

Kickstarter, in that regard, is a perfect launchpad for the Stackup. This modular kit for building and customizing bottles allows you to use multiple members to create storage that suits your needs. With different modules that thread/screw into one another, you can build long or short bottles, and even bottles with divisions in them, giving you the ability to practically create the container you need from the ground up.

The Stackup containers come with threading on both ends, allowing multiple modules to fasten to each other. Modules come in different colors, allowing you to create a colorful food-storage totem-pole of your choice, and some modules come with bases while others don’t, letting you to either create a stacked set of containers, or an extendable single container, depending on what you’re storing. It also means the Stackup modules can be kept in an organized fashion, fixed to one another rather than being haphazardly stored in different places.

Stackup’s bottles come made from Tritan, a highly safe, BPA-free plastic often used in baby-bottles. Designed to be food grade and also to work well with both hot as well as cold items, Tritan is relatively inert and doesn’t release toxic chemicals like other plastics. Plus, with its tough 6mm thick walls, Stackup’s containers can quite literally take a beating without breaking or denting. Use it to store solids or liquids, both hot and cold, keep it in the sun or in your fridge, carry it around in your hand, dock it in a cup-holder, or stash it in your kitchen cabinets, Stackup’s modular, tough, and innovative construction lets you use food-containers the way you see fit. Besides, with the colored modules, you can even color-code your belongings or artistically express yourself!

Designer: Eunbi Jang

Click here to Buy Now: $27.00


The Stackup Block Bottle is a tumbler/container with a modular design that allows users to choose a variety of designs and capacity sizes. The cylinder-shaped modules can be disassembled to form individual blocks which makes it easier to wash and dry.


Transform the design depending on the amount of food and liquid you want to carry with you.



If you attach the separation screen in between each block during assembly, you can create a lunchbox with separate compartments for different foods.


Alternatively, if you assemble the Block Bottle without a separation screen the end result is a bottle.



Keep your table and space inside your bag or cupboard neat. Instead of carrying multiple containers separately for different types of foods, simply place them in one of the Stackup’s blocks and assemble them together to create one convenient container.


It is absolutely safe to store foods and liquids at temperatures between -4℉ ~ 228℉ (-20℃~109℃). You can add boiling water or place Stackup in the freezer without having any worries. Stackup is BPA-free with ‘Tritan’, a non-toxic eco-friendly material, which is traditionally used in baby bottles.

Despite having 0.27 inches (6 mm) thick walls, Stackup boasts extreme durability. It will not bend or break even upon impact and the rubber sealing prevents anything from leaking out of the container.


Click here to Buy Now: $27.00