The SNO Quite Literally Reinvents the Christmas Light

The SNO Tree quite literally reinvents the Christmas light by not being a light you put on a Christmas tree, and instead being a Christmas tree shaped light! Its warm, soft, familiar aesthetic appeal comes from the Doolight we’ve spoken a great deal about in the past.

The SNO Tree is an ambient tabletop lamp that comes with a soft glow, courtesy the soft silicone, tree-shaped lampshade around an LED light that emits its warm glow. Fun, playful, and a perfect lamp to show your love for the Yuletide festivities, the Sno Tree gives you a warm, fuzzy Christmassy feeling when switched on! If you’re looking for something less seasonal, the SNO Heart adds a dash of love and warmth to your ambience.

The lights come powered by lithium-ion batteries that get charged via MicroUSB. Switching the light on is as simple as tapping its capacitive-touch-enabled base. Tapping it multiple times lets you toggle through its brightness settings, and a long press puts it back to sleep. Both the Tree and Heart variants come in simple and smart varieties. The simple lamp variants work purely via the touch panel on the base, while the smart variants come with a partner app that lets you toggle the light’s features via your smartphone.

Coming from the creators of the Doolight, the SNO boasts of the same quality of construction and begins shipping before Christmas!

Designer: Doosan Baek

Click here to Buy Now: $49.00


SNO Tree is the world’s first smart and portable X-mas tree!


Turn on/off and change the brightness. Set the timer and you are free to fall asleep.


Take your Christmas anywhere!


SNO works with a simple touch. Light tapping wakes the light up and changes the brightness. A longer touch puts the light to sleep.


Single control. Doolight APP is beyond just a remote control. The intuitive graphic interface requires no time to learn. You can control multi-units at the same time.



Click here to Buy Now: $49.00