These vases are arguably more attractive than the flowers they’re meant for


With its simplified shape that acts as a neutral base to the signature flair that is the vase handle, the Symbol bud vases by Nicolette Johnson are quite literally a symbol of beauty. The handles act as decorative halos to the flowers and buds that you place in the vase, and they come in a variety of designs, from simple circles and ellipses to much more complex, elegant shapes.

The vases come with distressed, grunge-ish finishes too, that don’t really subtract from the beauty but rather add to it, making them look and feel like precious antiques.

First designed in 2016 (and still being continues as an ongoing project), the vases began as a simple form with a cone-shaped body and a singular, round handle, evolving later with new vessel shapes and more intricately detailed handles.

Designer: Nicolette Johnson Ceramics