The Concert Hall That’s Inspired by Sound Waves

This visually engaging and beautifully striking building is the design for the new home of the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra. Its wildly unique and organic profile has been rather appropriately inspired by the shape of sound waves… this theme continues towards the interior, where its presence is somehow only more alluring. The 1,600-seat concert hall is awash with organic forms and clean curves.

Also contained within the elegant exterior is a 400- seat chamber-music hall, and like the larger hall, it too is suspended from the steel structure within the roof! It’s this music hall that features a rather unique spectacle; in place of a backdrop behind the stage is a vast aperture, framing the view of the Weiner Gardens that surround the building.

To complete the building and add to the ‘wow-factor’ even further, a roof terrace is integrated into the design, to offer guests views across Yekaterinburg!

Designer: Zaha Hadid Architects