The Vuz Moto Tent shelters the rider and the ride


Imagine heading out for a weekend in the wilderness. You’ve packed your bag, strapped your helmet on and mounted on your ride. GoPro docked on the side of your helmet, you’re capturing the journey there, and you notice something. Gray clouds above you, the sky’s overcast, and it’s getting a little windy.

Soon it begins to rain and you’re at the campsite. You’ve set the tent up for yourself, but your motorbike’s out there in the rain, getting completely drenched and possibly even covered in mud and grime. Now that’s what I call an undesirable experience… which can be easily avoided by the Waterproof Motorcycle Shelter by Vuz Moto. Designed to be 12 feet long, the tent has a dedicated shelter for up to 3 humans, as well as one for your motorcycle, allowing you (and anyone accompanying you) and your ride to escape the elements. With a completely waterproof construction, the shelter keeps both rider and ride dry, even giving you a dry floor to sleep on. Four access points allow you to enter and exit from any direction, as well as park your bike in any way you see fit, given the circumstance. When the weather’s good enough to hit the road again, the entire shelter folds up neatly into a carryable package that weighs no more than 14 pounds. And that’s what I call a desirable experience!

Designer: Vuz Moto

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