JBL’s L100 revives a true classic!


Originally debuted in the 70s, the classic, cuboidal, candybar-patterned L100 is still considered one of JBL’s most popular speakers. For the time, it was quite different, and featured a highly tactile 3D foam front-face with a candybar texture in the company’s signature orange hue.

Now, 38 years later, JBL decided its most popular speaker needed a modern revamp. Keeping the exterior looking just the way you’d expect, the L100 Classic pays homage to the L100 visually, but is a completely advanced 3-way speaker on the inside. The speaker comes with an incredibly large 12-inch subwoofer driver and a 5.25 inch mid-frequency transducer. There’s even a 1-inch tweeter made out of titanium with soft-surround, giving the speaker a sound that is much more defined than the original L100. I sure know what to put on my wishlist this Christmas…

Designer: JBL