Wild Type wants to challenge the stereotypical smartphone aesthetic


In theory, almost all smartphones today have at least 3 things in common. A square shape, a massive screen, and a unibody design that’s almost always aluminum (or any other metal). This wasn’t the case 15 years ago. Smartphones came in much more unconventional forms, from circular, to capsule shaped, to even squarish.

The Color series by Wild-Type reimagines those unconventional shapes, and creates dynamic looking concepts that one would definitely consider outrageous in today’s market. Trying to give the smartphone industry the creative push it needs, these phones focus on being designed radically differently, in order to catch eyes. Available in three shapes, the phones explore various color schemes, while retaining the current format of the smartphone (being very careful of being radical but not too radical).

Although currently just a concept, the Color series makes a very important point that evolution of form is a natural procedure, so when designs begin stagnating (as they already are), it is a natural instinct to want to break the mold… which the Color phones most definitely do!

Designers: Eli Block & Fahredin Kosumi (Wild-Type).