The Plux is the wireless charger Apple promised us a year ago

Looking suspiciously like the AirPower charging mat Apple showcased at their keynote last year, the Plux fulfills the promise Apple couldn’t keep. The capsule-shaped Plux mat can, just like the AirPower, charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods case simultaneously by just placing them on the charging mat. The mat can be placed horizontally, or even propped up using a stand that comes along with the Plux kit, letting you charge your phone while using it too. Just plug the mat in, and you’ve got yourself a Qi-powered charger that can juice all your Apple products at the same time.

Plux has a clever way of tackling the problems Apple couldn’t overcome. In order to wirelessly charge the Apple Watch, the Plux lets you route Apple’s existing Watch charging puck into the mat’s hollow design, allowing you to use that corner of the mat to charge your watch. The phone charges conventionally, and the Airpods (which don’t charge wirelessly) use a clever trick too, involving a wireless charging receiver and a white silicone case. Overall, you’ve got a mat that is, in theory, capable of charging all three devices together (at high speeds too, given its 10W output), but it resorts to rather nifty hacks to overcome barriers that Apple still hasn’t managed to crack. September may just be a month away, but who knows whether Apple’s AirPower is coming anyway. They wouldn’t present a Logitech-made alternative if they had a trick up their sleeve, right?

Designer: Plux

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