Sensory Recall Made Easy


It’s no secret that our sense of smell is the one that’s most connected to recalling memories no matter how distant. Designed with this in mind, the OZONE concept utilizes a unique aromatic cartridge system that can take you back or pick you up depending on what you want!

The magic lies in OZONE’s thoughtfully developed scents that are reminiscent of a number of places and things. Users can load the unit with up to 10 cartridges with scents ranging from rainfall to Grandma’s pudding. Each will take you back to a time and place with all the associated memories from moments of the past. Other scents, like fresh coffee, are optional as a way to awaken the spirit and kickstart the day with a natural burst of energy. As an added bonus, it features built-in ambient lighting and it can sync wirelessly with your music-playing devices to stream your favorite music or a preselected set of mood-enhancing sounds.

Designer: Paul Sandip