A palm-sized personal pollution monitor

Ignore its vape-sized proportions, because the Atmotube is, in every sense of the word, the very opposite! Designed to measure the quality of the air around you and alert you when the quality falls below a given qualitative standard, the Atmotube protects your lungs from the toxins around you with every breath you take.

Humans take as many as 20,000 breaths per day, and the Atmotube was created to make each one count. A personal pollution monitor, this slick little device fits in palms, bags, purses, and even pockets, measuring air for carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and other impurities, while also checking air temperature and humidity, and distinguishing between air quality indoors as well as outdoors. While indoor air quality isn’t usually measured, tests show that air indoors can be staler than the air outdoors, often containing toxins and VOCs that contribute to illness and can trigger asthma in sensitive patients. Atmotube’s state-of-the-art design features a unique multi-gas sensor with ultra-low power consumption, high sensitivity and fast heating times, allowing it to measure the air in real time around it, giving you stats on the air you breathe wherever you go, not just the air outdoors.

Its small size makes carrying it around easy, while its titanium-coated construction allows it to withstand the stress of being carried around in your pocket or bag every day. With a single button to power it, the Atmotube needs no user manual, and all the data it collects is sent directly to your phone, giving you an accurate representation of the air you breathe wherever you are. With a USB Type-C charging port and a half-ring for easy hanging/suspending, the Atmotube can easily be carried and charged along with your smartphone, allowing you to be in control of the air you breathe no matter where you are… because just like the food you consume, the quality of air you breathe plays a major role in your long-term health.

Designer: Atmotube