Studio Lighting That Fits in Your Pocket!

This nifty little device is a product for photography professionals and enthusiasts alike! The LitraPro is the world’s first compact, full spectrum, bi-colour, Bluetooth compatible adventure light, and this makes it a must have accessory that deserves a permanent space in anyone’s camera bag!

Litra is dedicated to creating the best professional adventure lighting, and this is evident in the LitraPro. Its compact size enables for the user to carry studio-quality lighting in their pocket; this is thanks to its best in class LEDs that allow for 3000k-6000k color temperature adjustment and flicker-free filming capabilities at all shutter speeds!

The Litra team understand that the life of camera equipment isn’t always plain sailing, they are used outside and must battle the elements, and they get thrown into the bottom of bags, just to be rattled about time after time! For these reasons, the LitraPro features an ultra-rugged aluminum body to protect it from impacts, and as well as this it is waterproof down to 30m, so a little bit of rain won’t phase it!

This is certainly an excellent accessory for any photography lover who is looking to take their work to the next level, without having to increase the size of their camera bag!

Designer: Scott Gant

Click here to Buy Now: $145.00 $225.00 (35% off).












Click here to Buy Now: $145.00 $225.00 (35% off)