Water Factory In My Bathroom

Here is a neat way to convert your hot steamy bath into something seductively green! The Waterfactory Bathroom Project is a set of Corian washstand, toilet and bathtub that includes an electrically powered system for filtering the humid air of the loo and condensing it to water for reuse. The water is purified via UV filtering and microfiltration, just to be double sure. Brilliant!

Designer: João Gonçalves


  • ilk says:

    Nice concept, however using electricity to produce water is not very green. Also cleaning water condensed from vapour is not necessary, it will be quite pure by itself, unless some form of dirt is let in. A basic filter before the vapor enters should be sufficient. However if bacteria forms inside the chamber in time, UV can be needed, but there can be other solutions

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Congratulations, you've invented the dehumidifier. http://www.google.com/search?q=dehumidifier

  • Dick says:

    Designers need to stop pretending to be engineers.

  • Grey says:

    Awesome design, looks awesome, just ditch the gimmicky stuff, just pop a standard 3rd party water filter underneath. Then we good!

  • i loled says:


    you did just describe a dehumidifier

    also, do you have any ideas how many hot showers you would have to take just to flush the damn toilet?

    nice try

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