This Nike headphone concept looks both sporty and premium!


Using contour lines to evoke dynamism/athleticism and even relating to radiating waves of music, the Nike Facet headphones concept looks and feels like it’s just bursting with positive energy. The wireless headphones borrow color combos and even basic shapes from Nike’s Apple Watch variant, making them fit perfectly into Nike’s product catalog.

The headphones come in beautiful pearlescent metallic finishes that change color depending on how you look at them. They even sport a 3D-printed contour-line texture on the opposite side of the earpieces, along with the Nike logo. Premium, sporty, and vibrant, the Nike Facet ticks all the boxes! Slip them on, play some music, and head out for a run. I’m sure you’ll feel the energy flow through you… and you should definitely turn some heads for sure!

Designer: Subinay Malhotra