This pillow uses individual tiny pillows to give you the best sleep

The pillow is a very tricky product that isn’t given much thought. Some people prefer hard pillows, some soft. Others find their heads become sweaty because of a lack of ventilation. Besides, the pillow sees so much of head movement, where we transition from sleeping on our backs to our sides, that it’s impossible to believe that one small cushion of cotton or foam can fulfill all those aforementioned needs.

The Cubes however takes on that challenge. For one, it isn’t one single pillow, but a series of connected foam cubes that together form the pillow. The air-gaps between the cubes allow for ventilation, making sure you don’t wake up with sweaty ears or neck in the middle of the night. Besides, each individual cube compresses when you rest your head against it, allowing you to sleep comfortably in any position as the pillow takes the shape of your head with ease. The Cubes also comes with two sides, a softer pink side and a stiffer grey side. You can easily swap pillow stiffnesses by simply flipping it over. What’s more, aside from the ventilation aspect, the Cubes is probably the first pillow to integrate graphene into the foam, allowing it to have anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. Like I said earlier. The pillow is a tricky product… it shouldn’t just be a rectangular piece of cotton or foam. It should be much more!

Designer: F1F2