The chair that makes plywood feel comfortable


The Karekla (greek for Chair) employs a neat trick to make plywood literally bend to your demands. With a series of vertical cuts and a support at the base, the Karekla looks flat before you sit on it, and when you do, takes the shape of your backside as it bends with your weight. Designed using waste wooden plywood pieces, the Karelka chair looks straightforward but “succumbs to the weight of the user and create a comfortable seating”. The minute you stand up, the wooden ply reverts to its original shape, bringing a nifty shape-memory feature to plywood, making the seat not only long-lasting, but comfortable too. So as to make sure the plywood doesn’t bend too much, a curved support at the base acts as a rest for individual vertical plywood members.

The Karekla is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Phebos Xenakis