Somewear connects phones directly via satellite!

Unlike the LINC Moto Z mod that relies on radio waves, and works within a certain radius, the Somewear is a tiny device that actually connects to the Iridium satellite network to send and receive messages. With the ability to work anywhere on earth or even in the sky, as long as you can see the sky (it works best outdoors), the Somewear leverages global satellite connectivity to send messages, locations, download maps, receive weather reports, and even in dire cases, send out an SOS signal.

A small device, the Somewear sits on the palm of your hand, tapping into satellite networks to broadcast messages, and working with 100% global connectivity no matter where you are. Working on a $15 a month subscription model for using the satellite network, the Somewear works with a Somewear app on your smartphone, allowing you to send 20 satellite messages (a $50 subscription lets you send unlimited messages) and share location data with other phones using the Somewear app.

Named Somewear and made to work anywhere, the product is a one-of-a-kind gadget that actually lets smartphones communicate directly with satellites, rather than relying on comms towers (which you’re not going to find everywhere). With a battery that lasts for over a thousand messages on a single charge, an IPX7 waterproof rating, an in-built GPS, and an SOS button powered by GEOS Worldwide, Somewear lets you travel to any part of the globe yet stay in touch with your family, mates, or your crew. Go off the grid, but have the power to come back on it when you need!

Designer: James Kubik